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Care of your Oliver & J Jewellery

Your jewellery should last a lifetime and more!

A few suggestions:

  • Avoid spraying your jewellery with perfume.
  • Avoid applying creams or make-up onto your jewellery.
  • Remove your jewellery prior to a shower or bath, or swimming in the sea or a swimming pool.
  • Remove jewellery before sporting activities.
  • Remove jewellery before domestic duties and gardening work.
  • Do not leave your jewellery where it will be exposed to extreme temperatures, high humidity or in direct sunlight.
  • Store your jewellery in a box or pouch where they do not rub against each other.
  • Always close fastenings to avoid any tangling particularly of chains.
  • Avoid excessive handling of pearls and gemstones.
  • Always remove pearl earrings before colouring hair.
  • Stone set rings should be checked every 12 months to ensure the stones remain secure.


Silver can be stored in an airtight bag to reduce tarnishing. When tarnish develops, we suggest a gentle rub over with a silver polishing cloth. Do not use dips and silver polishes on oxidised silver as these will remove the oxidisation. A gold polishing cloth can be used on yellow and rose gold. Rhodium plated white gold will require re-plating from time to time depending on wear.


Most gemstones can be cleaned using a mild simple soap and warm (not hot) water. They can then be dried using a lint free soft cloth. Take particular care with pearls, emerald, turquoise and other porous stones. Some stones are oiled and will become dull if washed.

Care of Pearls

Pearls are meant to be worn - but they need a little care.

As a general rule ‘Pearls are the last thing you put on, and the first thing you take off’.

  • Clean your pearls by wiping them carefully with a damp soft cloth and letting them dry on a flat surface.
  • Never clean pearls in an ultrasonic or steam cleaner as these can damage the pearls.
  • Pearls can be damaged by perfume, cosmetics and hair products. It is advised to put your pearls on after applying your make-up and styling your hair.
  • The lustre on the pearl can be affected by perspiration. When you remove your pearls, wipe the pearls with a soft cloth before storing them.
  • Pearls are not a hard stone – they can be scratched by other jewellery. It is safer to store your pearls in their own soft pouch or bag.
  • Pearls need some moisture or they can dehydrate. Never store your pearls in a plastic bag where they might dry out. It is better to wear your pearls than store them away.
  • Take off your pearls before swimming or showering – not only do the pearls dislike the chemicals, but the water can cause the silk thread to discolour or stretch.
  • If your pearls are exposed to chemicals such as detergents, fruit juices, or vinegar, make sure to wipe your pearls clean as soon as possible.
  • To avoid breakages, we suggest that you consider restringing your pearls every 1 to 2 years. This is a specialist task but is not too costly.

Enjoy your pearls and remember ‘the pearl is the Queen of gems, and the gem of Queens’.

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