Engagement rings – traditional or contemporary

We can help you design and choose your engagement and wedding rings. Engagement rings can be traditional or a more contemporary design. 'Wedfit' engagement rings are designed to fit closely to the wedding ring to give a neat appearance. Some engagement rings have specially designed wedding rings to match their profile.  

Diamonds remains the most popular gemstone used in engagement rings. Your engagement ring has to cope with many daily activities and for many years! Diamonds are well suited to this as they are the hardest of gemstones - only a diamond can scratch another diamond. But diamonds are not totally indestructable - a hard blow to a diamond can cause cracking.

A good alternative to a diamond is a sapphire to ruby. Sapphires come in many colour - the red stones are called rubies. These are the second hardest stone and are suitable to daily wear. All other gemstones are softer stones and are more easily scratched or chipped.

The single stone solutaire ring remains popular but there are alternatives. The three stone Trilogy or Trinity rings represent 'past, present and future' love. These rings are also bought to celebrate a first child as a representative of father, mother and first-born. The more recent two stone rings represent the bond between 'you and me'. 

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