Sparkly Spiders

Interestingly spiders are found on every continent in the world except from Antarctica. Spiders are generally something that are feared rather than considered to be conventionally beautiful.  However these pieces of jewellery are something to be admired.  Inspired by African folklore they are delicate and a bold representation of spiders and their webs.

These jewelled webs and spiders can be found here for only a short time and are thought to embody wisdom, bring the spirit of knowledge to the wearers and look great for Halloween or all year round!

Crafted from sterling silver and plated in rhodium or ruthenium, combined with precious gem stones from amethyst to quartz, they are sure to make a statement or even a scare.  An interesting fact is that when a spider abandons a web it is then called a cobweb but do not fear our webs are far from being abandoned …

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