The Art of Enamelling

The art of enamelling dates back to the 13th century BC. Six gold rings were found from this time in a tomb in Cyprus with various vitrous coloured layers fused on to the gold.

In the centuries that followed, enamel has been used to decorate both swords and shields and jewellery.

Enamel consists of powdered coloured glass which is then fired in a kiln at a very high temperature so that it melts and fuses onto the metal.

The word enamel comes from the High German word "smelzan" later becoming "esmail" in Old French and "enamel" in English.

However our enamelled jewellery comes from Barcelona in Spain by the talented Daniel Vior. Daniel has been designing jewellery for over twenty five years and his creations are considered to be exceptional and individual. Each of his designs are carefully considered with regard to the enamel, gemstone and finish. He specialises in a type of enamelling called pique-a-jour which resembles stain glass windows.

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