Our December Birthstone.

Tanzanite is a relatively newly discovered gem stone, found in 1967 in Tanzania and with the original name Zoisite.

The name tanzanite was given to this precious stone by the jewellery company Tiffany’s & co and named so as it is only found in One place, Tanzania, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The stone itself is a blue or violet colour and is very rare.  It is considered a geological phenomenon, as it is exclusive to Tanzania.   America chose Tanzanite as Decembers birthstone only in 2002 and that was the first time the birthstone list had been changed since 1912!

It is also the stone that featured prominently in the Titanic.  Kate Winslet wore the heart shaped tanzanite pendant necklace surrounded by diamonds and the necklace with named the ‘Heart of the Ocean’.

This beautiful gem is thought to offer spiritual guidance and truthfulness.   According to legend, Massi cattle herders first found Tanzanite around 30 years ago.  After a fire caused by lightning, burnt large forest areas in Tanzania, the herders noticed that the once brown zoiscite crystals had turned brilliant blue and purple colours.  This caused them to believe that Tanzanite was created by the heavens and transported to earth by the passage of lightning!

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