February - The month of Love

This time of year is the perfect opportunity for a treat for your loved one or simply yourself especially after a cold and icy January.  It is also the time for proposals!


Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular times to finally pluck up the courage to ask your one and only to love you forever.  But how do you do it?

Well we have our Top Five ideas:

  •  Think of a place significant for both of you or your favourite place and propose there. But try and make sure you have someone there to photograph it. That way you can surprise your other half with the photos as a present for your wedding day or if that is too long away, on a special occasion, Birthday, Christmas!


  • Hire a choir or band to perform your soon to be fiancés favourite song in a public place or a park and propose at the end of the song.


  • Treasure hunt that starts at home and goes to all the favourite spots in the town, ending up with you as the last clue and your proposal.


  • Romantic getaway for the two of you, to somewhere special.  Maybe somewhere you have been before or a known romantic trip like Paris or Venice.


  • Gather family and friends together for a party or special meal. Then you could propose after the meal with everyone around you that you love. Or you could get a group photo where family members hold up ‘Will you marry me?’ and wait for your then to be fiancé to look round! Make sure to capture their reaction on camera!

So here are a few ideas to get the cogs turning and in time for Valentine’s day.  We have a wonderful selection of rings ready for you to express your love to your one and only.  We can even help you design your own bespoke ring, however that will take up to 8 weeks to, so this will have to be taken into account. 

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