New kids on the block

We have THREE amazing NEW brands now in store.  


First is Reeves & Reeves a British company founded originally by Heath Reeves and later joined with his wife Caroline, both having extensive experience in retail and jewellery.  Together they create unique, exclusive and on trend jewellery.  Based in Somerset on the banks of river Axe, these beautiful surroundings have inspired the newest collection.   

The collections range from Birthstone jewellery, Acorns, Equestrian (with some cute riding boot and stirrup combinations) to sea shells and plenty of animals in between.  Some of the ranges we have in store of the animals are an origami silver horse, plain silver dog and even rose gold plated (on silver) fox which are very lovely.  


The Second brand now arrived in store is Banyan. Created by the couple Yaniv and Vanessa Zalman, the workshop is based in Devon, where the designs are perfected and then a team of skilled silversmiths further produces the pieces.  

Banyan can be described as bold, asymmetrical, understated and classical, however it always has a unique twist of originality.  The joy of life, people and views of the world inspire their collections.  One of the ranges we have, are set with gorgeous blue opalite stones in silver, they are very striking and at great price points!


Last but far from least is Sheila Fleet. Sheila is one of Scotland’s leading designer makers of gold, silver and platinum.  All her work is designed and produced in her workshop in Orkney and the company is family run, with help and support from her husband, son and daughter-in law.  

Sheila’s designs reflect natures wonderful sea, sky and landscape colours; she also believes Orkney’s history and folklore are also a rich medium for her inspiration. She uses enamel to create the bold and brilliant colours on her pieces, each collection having relatable inspiration.

One of her collections we have is wild grasses, a vibrant blue and green enamel on pieces of silver, emulating grass in the breeze, catching the light on each strand with some cubic zirconia on some, looking like little dew drops.

 “I’m inspired by where I live” – Sheila Fleet OBE

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