The dogs have arrived.

The new brand DOG FEVER has come in and it’s causing a stir!


These adorable pieces of jewellery come in plain sterling silver or sterling silver and enamel.  Ranging from breeds such as Akita Inu to Yorkshire Terriers with over 40 in between! Dog Fever can even create these beautiful pieces from images of your own dogs, so you can take you beloved pet with you everywhere!

This beautiful Italian made brand captures man’s (and woman’s) best friend in delicately crafted jewellery.  With bracelets, earrings, pendants and the signature hug rings and bracelets allowing your favourite dog to cuddle you all day long!

The team aspires to “transform the affection and commitment we feel for our pets into tangible symbols”.  What the Dog Fever team want to capture is the special bond between the wearer and the friend that they never want to be separated from.  Each piece in their eyes represents a “symbol of eternal friendship”.  

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