Top FIVE Jewellery trends for Summer 2017

Here’s our top FIVE jewellery trends for summer 2017.  With tips and tricks to help you style your summer outfits and to create the best look for the sunny weather to come!


Layering of pendant necklaces: One of the trends for 2017 is layering; it is in whether it is jewellery or clothes! Mixing and matching necklaces and pendants of all lengths to create a fresh new look.  Some great ideas for combining necklaces are mixed metals.  You can use more than one metal - mix silver, rose gold and gold together; this then allows for more choice of other accessories.  Use different lengths, if you are rocking a longer pendant; add one or even two shorter length necklaces - try not to overlap as they look better spaced out.  Give each piece room, so not to create clutter around your neck! Lastly add some colour - have fun mixing gemstones and if trying to create a subtle ombre look, start with a darker colour and gradually get lighter with each piece.



Stacking bracelets: Bracelets are an accessory that have long held a symbolic and decorative place in human culture.  For stacking bracelets, no type of arm wear is off limits - bangles, charm bracelets, statement bracelets and everything in between.  To create your perfect “arm party” you need to combine colours, different widths of thick and thin, mix silver, gold/rose gold and use plain and patterned bracelets.  If you want a subtle look you can work within a colour family to create a great combination of pieces, for example use dark blue bangles with lighter blue chunky bracelets to balance out or you can even wear with a watch. 



Stacking rings: A big trend of 2017 and one that is here to stay!  A great tip is to wear rings of different widths together, you can pair a wide band with skinny rings.  You can wear different combinations of stones, staggering them so they aren’t regimentally lined up to create a beautiful collection on your finger!  Mixing the colour of metals can create a contrasting and dramatic look; this also applies to textures, adding more visual appeal.  It is a great opportunity to revamp rings you may have fallen out of love with, because combining them with something different can create a whole new look for you to fall in love with all over again. 



Gold hoops: Just like your trusty LBD (Little black dress) a pair of gold hoops are a staple of a woman’s wardrobe, working with nearly every outfit!  If your hoops are styled correctly they can be the perfect accessory and you don’t end up with that “undesired” look that you’ve avoided since your teens.  The following are vital to choosing your trusty hoops. 1. The colour- which colour suits your skin tone? Yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, solid or plated.  It is whatever is best for you and your wallet! 2. The size, NEVER bigger than the palm of your hand -  not only with they catch on everything and in everything but you will be hitting that dreaded look we spoke of earlier. 3. Multiple piercings, be careful not to go too hoop heavy; if you want to do more than one hoop go for small and dainty or graduate in size.


Ankle chainsA trend that comes back most years is the trusty ankle bracelet, a stylish and easy fashion accessory.  However, there are a few guidelines to bear in mind.  An ankle bracelet can be worn on either ankle, it doesn’t matter which one and you can even do both!  It may not an accessory to be worn at work - it is not great in a professional setting, unless you work at the beach.  Don’t let your ankle bracelet clash or compete with your foot wear, they should help enhance or complete your look rather than confuse it.  The last rule is never wear ankle bracelets with tights! 


So that is our round up of our top FIVE trends for summer 2017, try some out and see what works best for you.   Our main points to take away are - mix and match, revamp and enjoy your jewellery. 

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