Wimbledon Windows

That time of year is here! Wimbledon is in full swing, from the fabulous fashion to the scrummy strawberries and cream, and we love it all!


Wimbledon and strawberries have had a beautiful relationship spanning across 100s of years.  It was believed this combination started because strawberries were the fashionable fruit of Victorian England and in season. Each year now more than 2 tonnes of Strawberries and 7000 litres of cream are consumed at Wimbledon, averaging out at 142,000 portions!! This just shows how much we LOVE our strawberries. 

We don't just love eating them but also wearing them!  We have a stunning strawberry charm available from CLOGAU : http://oliverandj.clogau.co.uk/collections/product.aspx?prodid=3sllc27

When you've reached a significant milestone in your life, a Clogau bead charm acts as a perfect reminder of the special event in the most beautiful and personal


We don't just cater for the adults but also the children, with strawberry studs, bracelet and necklace, perfect for the little lover of the wonderful Wimbledon! 


Our strawberry blush pearls are the perfect accessory for spectating. Coleman Douglas pearls have beautifully stunning pieces that combine the strawberry blush colour with interesting and contrasting elements. 


However Wimbledon doesn't just stop at the fashionable fruit Strawberry, it also incorporates the funky Pineapple!! 

How is a Pineapple relevant to Wimbledon I hear you ask?? Well there is actually a pineapple on the top of the Wimbledon trophy.  It is believed that the reason behind this party piece on top, was that in the 1700's Pineapples were a commodity, expensive and rare.  If there was a pineapple at the dinner party you attended then you were thought to honoured as it was classed as the "Crown of the Party". 

Our stunning Amanda Coleman range of pineapples will definitely cause a stir.  You can wear them as an everyday piece or evening wear, making sure you look like royalty wherever you go. 


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